Sam Howell

College- North Carolina Height- 6 feet 1 inch Weight- 225 pounds Position- Quarterback Pros: Strong armAccuracyexperience (started as a freshman)Pocket awareness Football IQCan read and dissect coveragecompetitive/ toughThrow on the run Cons: Inconsistentimprove footwork/mechanicsStares down receivers Size Overall Sam Howell may not have the greatest size or speed but has the arm talent to be… Continue reading Sam Howell


Spencer Rattler

College- Oaklahoma Height- 6 feet 1 inch Weight- 210 pounds Position- Quarterback Pros: Dual threat QBThrow on the runPocket awareness Football IQ/SmartArm StrengthAccuracyMechanics/FootworkAnticipation and timing Cons: Ball security Stares down first readStruggles under pressureUndersized Overall: Spencer Rattler has all the tools to be a successful NFL quarterback. He has great pocket awareness and accuracy. He… Continue reading Spencer Rattler

Running Backs

Najee Harris

Najee Harris College - Alabama Height - 6feet 2inches Weight - 227lbs Position - Running Back Pros good visionexcellent balancequick feetlateral agility/ change of directionruns with power, can move the pilegreat stiff arm Cons runs tallhasn't carried the full loadhurdles too much Overall Combining good vision, balance and quick lateral mobility, Najee is another Alabama running… Continue reading Najee Harris