Wide Receivers

Calvin Ridley – Alabama

Calvin Ridley

College- Alabama

Height 6 feet 1 inch

Weight- 195

Position- Wide Receiver

Calvin Ridley is a 22 year old junior playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He is arguably the best wide receiver in the country. Ridley is the total package for a wide receiver. He has great speed, hands, blocking, and football IQ. He runs very crisp routes and has great speed in and out of breaks to create a lot of separation between him and opposing corners. Ridley is one of the receives who can line up anywhere on the field and can run any route. He has speed to blow the top off of coverage and can consistently win on 50/50 balls. Ridley may be the most polished and NFL ready wide out in the country. Ridley’s body control and ability to track passes is something he has really excelled at this year. Ridley has the potential to be an elite wide out in the NFL and could make an immediate impact for any team who drafts him.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Alabama vs Clemson

There isn’t much in Ridley’s game that needs work but he could work on his strength. From time to time during press coverage he can get jammed up at line of scrimmage by bigger corners.  His NFL comparison is Amari Cooper. Ridley has more speed but both players have a very similar style to play and both are exceptional at route running.

Overall Ridley is one of the most explosive players in college football. Any time the ball is in his hands he is a threat to score a touchdown. He is the type of player opposing defenses have to game plan for. He is a first round talent and will be one of the first wide receivers taken off the board come draft day.

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