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Derrius Guice – LSU

Derrius Guice

College- LSU

Height- 5 feet 11 inches

Weight- 218 pounds

Position- Running Back


Derrius Guice is a junior running back for LSU. He is an athletic back, very explosive, and quick through the hole. Guice has great balance through contact and good vision for cut backs. He can reach the second level in a hurry and is good at breaking arm tackles. In open field Guice is tough to bring down: most defenders aren’t prepared for his ability to accelerate after a cut, and he quickly outpaces anyone trying to chase him down. He can be very shifty and make defenders miss but also isn’t afraid to lower his pads and make contact. The LSU back is also a great leader and brings a lot of energy to the team. He is always fighting for yards and has great determination. Guice is clearly a special talent and a natural runner.


Despite his talent, Guice needs to work on his pass catching. He isn’t involved much in the passing game at LSU, but when he is it does not look natural to him. He doesn’t run smooth routes and he tends to fight the ball. Guice also could stand to improve his blocking. He knows his assignments and does try to fight off defenders, but his technique is below average and he struggles most when linebackers blitz. As a runner at times he can run tall but can lower his pads when needed.

Overall Guice has what it takes to be a three down back at the NFL level. He will probably be the second running back off the board on draft day. The LSU back runs with violence and can explode at any moment when he gets the ball. His NFL comparison is Doug Martin: both players have great vision and speed to finish runs. Guice could make an immediate impact in the NFL and has the potential to be an elite running back.


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