Wide Receivers

Christian Kirk – Texas A&M

Christian Kirk

College- Texas A&M

Height- 5 feet 11 inches

Weight- 200 pounds

Position- Wide Receiver

Christian Kirk is a junior wide receiver for Texas A&M. Although he is smaller than the average wide receiver, Kirk’s speed and skill make him a force to be reckoned with. He runs very clean and crisp routes, and he’s so quick in and out of his breaks that he creates separation effortlessly. He’s very aggressive at the catch point and he’s not afraid to make catches away from his body. His raw speed makes it very difficult for defensive backs to keep up with him on deep routes, and even on quick passes he can take the ball into the end zone. Kirk is used frequently on wide receiver screens and jet sweeps because he is dangerous in the open field. He’s also used on special teams and routinely gains positive yards on any return.

Some of Kirk’s best qualities are his work ethic and attitude. He is always fighting for extra yards and doing his best to put his team in a winning situation. Also, despite some poor QB play at Texas A&M, Kirk still puts up very good numbers.


Unfortunately, Kirk’s biggest enemy is his size. As a smaller receiver, he consequently has a smaller catch radius. Larger corners can easily jam him at the line of scrimmage and bump him off his routes. He’s also not very effective at blocking downfield. If he could improve his strength, his performance would likely improve as well.

Overall, Kirk has what it takes to be a great NFL player. His positive attitude, determination, and effort are great traits that will really help him succeed at the next level. Performance-wise, he can be compared to Stefon Diggs: both players have similarly crisp route running and big play ability. Kirk is lighting in a bottle and will be a spark to any NFL team he is drafted to.

This game against Arkansas really highlights Kirk’s skills, especially his speed and big play ability.

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