Running Backs

Bo Scarbrough – Alabama

Bo Scarbrough

College- Alabama

Height- 6 feet 2 inches

Weight- 236 pounds

Position- Running Back



  • Big bodied and physical runner
  • Good vision
  • One cut runner who can punish defenders
  • Great stiff arm and can break tackles
  • Good balance
  • Limited opportunities at receiver but not bad at catching when he does



  • Not very fast or elusive
  • Runs upright
  • Will take advantage of available lanes but can’t create his own
  • Likes to bounce to the outside if no lanes are created
  • Doesn’t have the speed to round the corner
  • Not an every down back



Bo Scarbrough is a true goal line back for the NFL. He is a giant human bowling ball who will be great for short yardage gains with the potential to have the occasional big run. He doesn’t have the speed to outrun defensive backs but he does have a great stiff arm and is very hard to take down once he gets going. Bo is considered to be a 4th to 5th round pick

 NFL comparison: Latavius Murray


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