Lamar Jackson – Louisville

Lamar Jackson

College- Louisville

Height- 6 feet 3 inches

Weight-212 pounds

Position- Quarterback



  • Excellent character and leadership skills
  • Displays nice touch on underneath routes
  • Great balance
  • Elite mobility and athleticism
  • Great at throwing on the run
  • Takes some snaps from under center but not many
  • Explosive playmaker



  • Needs to improve his accuracy
  • Poor pocket awareness
  • Struggles at reading defenses
  • Ball tends to float and doesn’t have much zip on his passes
  • Lacks size


Lamar Jackson may be one of the most explosive players in college football at the moment, but in reality, he isn’t a great quarterback. Although he is putting up great numbers and shredding some defenses, he relies too much on his elite athleticism and has poor mechanics and accuracy troubles. He could be a 5th or 6th round pick, but he needs a lot of work as a quarterback and would be considered a project. However, there is a chance he may transition to wide receiver.

NFL comparison: Terrell Pryor

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