Running Backs

Myles Gaskin – Washington

Myles Gaskin

College- Washington

Height- 5 feet 10 inches

Weight- 191 pounds

Position- Running Back



  • Excels in pass protection
  • Great balance and lateral quickness
  • Great vision and can create his own path
  • Can break tackles, tough to bring down once he gets going
  • Great hands and can make plays when used on passing plays
  • Smooth jukes and cuts, can make defenders miss in open field


  • Not very fast, takes a while for him to reach his full speed
  • Not very powerful
  • Runs upright
  • Occasionally dances at the line
  • Undersized



Gaskin is a great college player but his lack of top end speed will most likely hurt his draft stock. He has some skills but doesn’t appear to be an every down back at the next level. His pass blocking and lateral quickness are his two most impressive traits. He doesn’t have much room for growth and will most likely be 4th or 5th round pick.

NFL Comparison: Ray Rice

giphy (2).gif

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