Running Backs

LJ Scott – Michigan State

LJ Scott

College- Michigan State

Height- 6 feet 1 inch

Weight- 230 pounds

Position- Running Back



  • Shows patience to let a hole develop
  • Can explode through holes
  • Great footwork
  • Can capture the edge
  • Powerful and can break tackles
  • Good receiver
  • Decent speed
  • Complete back
  • Good vision



  • Off the field issues (arrested for driving with a suspended license)
  • Needs to work on his ball security – does fumble
  • Blocking technique needs work
  • Runs a little upright


LJ Scott has all the tools to be a successful running back in the NFL. He is a complete back and could be a workhorse in the pros. His best quality is his patience and how he can explode through a hole when given one. Scott runs very smoothly in between the tackles and sometimes fits through holes leaving you wondering how he did that. His biggest problem is ball security, and he tends to fumble from time to time.  LJ is currently looking to be a mid-second round pick.

NFL Comparison– Le’Veon Bell

LJ Scott Giph.gif

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