Jaire Alexander – Louisville

Jaire Alexander College- Louisville Height- 5 feet 11 inches Weight- 192 pounds Position- Cornerback   Pros: Good jam Fluid hips Smooth footwork Good ball awareness Quick out of breaks and drives on the ball Punt return experience Plays press man/zone/slot     Cons: not great against the run although willing, has poor tackling technique lacks… Continue reading Jaire Alexander – Louisville

Offensive tackle

Martinas Rankin – Mississippi State

Martinas Rankin College- Mississippi State Height- 6 feet 5 inch Weight- 307 pounds Position- Offensive Tackle   Pros: Has a good slide step Able to pull Good wide base Decent initial punch Good hand placement Quick off the snap Can mirror Smart Versatile Cons: Struggles with speed Tends to drop his head Needs to add… Continue reading Martinas Rankin – Mississippi State

Offensive guard

Will Hernandez – UTEP

Will Hernandez College- UTEP Height- 6 feet 3 inches Weight- 340 pounds Position- Offensive guard   Pros: Shows strong punch Good power Able to anchor Good hand placement Has good leg drive Experienced Balanced Cons: Struggles on the move Struggles at the 2nd level Average feet and athleticism   Overall Hernandez is Aan experienced guard… Continue reading Will Hernandez – UTEP


Denzel Ward – Ohio State

Denzel Ward College- Ohio State Height- 5 feet 10 inches Weight- 191 pounds Position- Cornerback   Pros: Can flip hips and change direction Stays connected Good route awareness Has good speed Long arms Leaping ability Can play zone/off man/slot Cons: Lets WRs get inside Lots of pass break ups but few interceptions Slim frame Doesn’t… Continue reading Denzel Ward – Ohio State

Offensive tackle

Chukwuma Okorafor – Western Michigan

Chukwuma Okorafor College- Western Michigan Height-6 feet 6 inches Weight- 330 pounds Position- Offensive Tackle   Pros: Good kick slide Nice footwork Stays in stance Able to get to the second level Decent hand placement Arm length Able to slide/mirror very well Stays balanced Has decent knee bend Cons: Needs to sustain blocks longer Doesn’t… Continue reading Chukwuma Okorafor – Western Michigan

Wide Receivers

Simmie Cobbs Jr. – Indiana

Simmie Cobbs Jr. College- Indiana Height- 6 feet 4 inches Weight- 220 Position- Wide Receiver Pros: Can high point the ball well Tracks the deep ball well Crisp route runner Playmaker Elusive in the open field Can create separation Cons: Loses focus and can disappear Issues with drops Lacks elite speed Overall Simmie Cobbs Jr.… Continue reading Simmie Cobbs Jr. – Indiana