Offensive tackle

Conner Williams – Texas

Conner Williams

College- Texas

Height- 6 feet 6 inches

Weight- 320 pounds

Position- Offensive Tackle



  • Stays engaged
  • Can get to the second level
  • Aggressive in the running game
  • Able to handle twists/stunts
  • Great frame and athleticism
  • Understands angles
  • Quick feet
  • Great balance

 Conner Williams


  • Tendency to push instead of punch
  • Still raw as a pass blocker
  • Needs to improve his pass blocking technique
  • Should stay in his stance longer then he does



Williams is a talented tackle who has great potential moving forward to the next level. Teams will fall in love with his size and his effort to protect the quarterback and help in the run game. Williams will need to improve his pass block technique, but he shows promise and will probably get a better grip on things in the NFL. Conner is currently being evaluated to be a first-round pick.

NFL Comparison: Ronnie Stanley


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