Running Backs

Justin Jackson – Northwestern

Justin Jackson

College- Northwestern

Height- 5 feet 11 inches

Weight- 185 pounds

Position- Running Back



  • Great vision
  • Very agile and elusive in the open field
  • Quick feet
  • Can capture the corner
  • Patient, lets the play develop
  • Ability to change direction
  • Balanced
  • Effective stiff arm
  • Good ball security
  • Effective as a receiver
  • Great work ethic and character

Justin Jackson


  • Doesn’t have long speed
  • Lacks power
  • Has a lot of wear and tear
  • Doesn’t possess any elite traits



Justin Jackson will be a solid complementary back in the NFL. He has the ability to create some big plays, but he is too undersized to be a workhorse back at the next level. Jackson has very quick feet and is most effective in the open field. His lack of power and long speed will hurt him going forward as he looks to get drafted. He is currently shaping up to be a 5th round pick.

NFL Comparison: Jamaal Charles


giphy- justin Jackson.gif

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