Joshua Jackson – Iowa

Joshua Jackson

College- Iowa

Height- 6 feet 1 inch

Weight- 192 pounds

Position- Cornerback



  • Size/length
  • Not afraid to tackle
  • Great jam
  • Able to diagnose route combo
  • Good ball awareness
  • Great ball skills

Joshua Jackson.jpg


  • Lacks great speed
  • Gets driven off at the top of routes
  • Gets a bit handsy
  • Will guess
  • Stiff hips



Jackson has the ability to play zone and off man coverages. His lack of speed and agility is a cause for concern but his length and ball skills will be coveted. He isn’t afraid to tackle and can make some nice open field tackles. He can be a solid corner at the next level and is currently looking to be a 2nd round pick.

NFL comparison: Brandon Carr

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