Offensive tackle

Martinas Rankin – Mississippi State

Martinas Rankin

College- Mississippi State

Height- 6 feet 5 inch

Weight- 307 pounds

Position- Offensive Tackle



  • Has a good slide step
  • Able to pull
  • Good wide base
  • Decent initial punch
  • Good hand placement
  • Quick off the snap
  • Can mirror
  • Smart
  • Versatile

Martinas Rankin


  • Struggles with speed
  • Tends to drop his head
  • Needs to add power
  • Doesn’t always play to the whistle



Rankin has the skill set to be a starting lineman at the pro level. He’s smart, versatile, and has some solid technique. He can be quick off the snap and really bully some defenders. However, he struggles with speed and effort seems to be a concern on some plays – for instance, he doesn’t always play to the whistle. If he can add some strength and power in the offseason he could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the draft.


NFL Comparison: Antonio Garcia

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