Jaire Alexander – Louisville

Jaire Alexander

College- Louisville

Height- 5 feet 11 inches

Weight- 192 pounds

Position- Cornerback



  • Good jam
  • Fluid hips
  • Smooth footwork
  • Good ball awareness
  • Quick out of breaks and drives on the ball
  • Punt return experience
  • Plays press man/zone/slot


Jaire Alexander



  • not great against the run
  • although willing, has poor tackling technique
  • lacks elite speed
  • doesn’t high point the ball



Jaire Alexander is a versatile corner with great route awareness. He relies on good technique and ball skills due to his lack of elite speed. He holds some value being a punt returner. Alexander needs to be better at tackling and can struggle against faster receivers. He is looking like a 2nd round pick.


NFL Comparison: Josh Norman

Jaire Alexander Giph.gif

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