Jake Browning – Washington

Jake Browning

College- Washington

Height- 6 feet 2 inches

Weight- 210 pounds

Position- Quarterback



  • Good footwork
  • Nice touch/accuracy on short/intermediate passes
  • Mobility
  • Strong arm
  • Really good on play action/ball handling
  • Tough, will stand in and take hits
  • Leadership/work ethic
  • Makes throws on the move
  • Room for growth



  • Crumbles under pressure
  • Inconsistent fundamentals lead to accuracy issues
  • Poor decision making under pressure



Jake Browning is a tough player and a great leader. Teams will love his work ethic and his room for growth at the position. He has some decent speed and can scramble and make throws on the run when under pressure. However, he does occasionally make poor decisions and he needs to work on his mechanics. He is being considered a 4th or 5th round pick.


NFL Comparison: Chase Daniel

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