Levi Wallace – Alabama

Levi Wallace

College- Alabama

Height- 6 feet

Weight- 185 pounds

Position- Cornerback



  • Stays connected
  • Smooth feet
  • Fluid hips
  • Tackling
  • Good on blitz
  • Ball skills
  • Gets off blocks
  • High effort
  • Special teams value

Levi Wallace


  • Doesn’t have long speed
  • Gets flat footed at times



Wallace has potential to be a shutdown corner at the next level. He blankets wide receivers in coverage and forces turnovers frequently. He has great fluid hips and ball skills. Wallace isn’t afraid to tackle and his effort is relentless. Sometimes he is caught flat footed and he doesn’t have elite speed; however, that shouldn’t stop teams from targeting him in the mid second to early third round in the draft.


NFL Comparison: AJ Bouye

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