Offensive tackle

Mitch Hyatt – Clemson

Mitch Hyatt

College- Clemson

Height- 6 feet 5 inches

Weight- 305 pounds

Position- Offensive Tackle



  • Good leg drive
  • Good footwork
  • Can collapse the edge
  • Good movement ability
  • Quick off the snap
  • Good punch
  • Experienced



  • Struggles with speed
  • Inconsistent with hands
  • Gets off balance
  • Reaches
  • Lacks power



Mitch Hyatt’s quickness off the snap helps him overcome his lack of power. He has great footwork, leg drive, and often strikes first. He needs to improve his strength and balance. Hyatt often gets overextended, which makes him susceptible to double moves. He is looking like a 5th round pick come draft day.

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