Running Backs

Rashaad Penny – San Diego State

Rashaad Penny

College- San Diego State

Height- 5 feet 11 inches

Weight- 220 pounds

Position- Running Back



  • Good feet
  • Vision
  • Can catch
  • Shifty
  • Quick lateral movement
  • Runs with power
  • Always falls forward
  • Athletic
  • Great balance
  • Can return kicks

rashad penny


  • Liability at pass protection
  • Can be overpowered



Rashaad Penny is a very versatile athletic back who can run with power or line up in the slot to catch passes. He’s got speed and vision to continually rip big chunks of yards on defenses. Penny’s biggest issue right now is his poor pass protection. He will want to prioritize on working on that moving forward if he wants to be an every down back at the NFL level.  He is being viewed as a 3rd or 4th round pick with upside.

NFL Comparison: TJ Yeldon

rashad penny giph.gif

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