Wide Receivers

Deontay Burnett – USC

Deontay Burnett

College- USC

Height- 6 feet

Weight- 170 pounds

Position- Wide Receiver



  • Good hands
  • Great after the catch
  • Big catch radius
  • High points the ball well
  • Good body control

Deontay Burnett


  • Loses focus/will drop easy passes
  • Limited route tree
  • Bad blocker
  • Not explosive



Burnett is a decent receiver for USC, but he may have some trouble consistently finding playing time in the NFL. He has good hands and body control but his lack of focus, poor blocking, and limited route tree will all need to improve immensely. He could be a decent wide receiver three for teams. He is currently looking to be a 5th round pick or later.

NFL Comparison: Nelson Agholor

Deontay Burnett Giph.gif

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