Running Backs

John Kelly – Tennessee

John Kelly

College- Tennessee

Height- 5 feet 9 inches

Weight- 212 pounds

Position- Running back



  • Excellent hands
  • Good lateral agility
  • Vision
  • Gets what is blocked
  • Finishes runs
  • Stays balanced
  • Quick feet
  • Tough to tackle
  • Decent blocker

john kelly


  • Will not create on his own
  • Size
  • Lacks speed



Although John Kelly lacks any elite traits, he maximizes his abilities. Kelly has good vision, quick feet and lateral agility. He excels in the passing game where he possesses great hands and is dangerous in open space. Kelly won’t be viewed as an every down back at the pros but he will be a great change of pace, 3rd down back. He is looking to be a 4th round pick.

John kelly gif.gif

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