Wide Receivers

JD Spielman

JD Spielman

College- Nebraska

Height- 5 feet 9 inches

Weight- 181 pounds

Position- Wide Receiver




  • Playmaker/explosive
  • Can play special teams
  • Athletic
  • Great in open space
  • Speed
  • Great body control
  • Strong hands
  • Shifty

Jd Spielman.jpg


  • Can lose focus on easy passes
  • Not a polished route runner
  • Small frame
  • Strength



JD Spielman is a weapon, he is very fast and explosive in the open field. He relies on his speed and athleticism to get past defensive backs. JD is a very good punt returner and most likely will be a special teams asset at the NFL level.  If he can improve his route running that would help him take his game to the next level. He is currently being looked at as a 4th round pick.


NFL Comp- Dante Pettis

JD Speilman1.gif


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