Running Backs

JJ Taylor

JJ Taylor

College- Arizona

Height-5 feet 6 inches

Weight- 185 pounds

Position- Running back



  • Speed/acceleration
  • Quick feet
  • Tough to bring down
  • Thick frame
  • Great body control and balance
  • Great burst
  • Elusive and agile
  • Good hands

JJ taylor


  • Small back
  • Tends to bounce to the outside
  • Doesn’t read his blocks well



JJ plays like he is bigger than he is. For a smaller guy he runs with power and has the speed to reach the 2nd level. His thick frame and quick feet are an ideal combo to get past defenders. He is a decent route runner and can line up in the slot. Taylor is very effective on screen passes and has the explosiveness to reach the endzone any time the ball is in his hands. He doesn’t have the ideal size to be a workhorse back in the NFL. He will most likely will be a 3rd down back/change of pace player. JJ Taylor is being looked at as a 5th round pick.


NFL Comp- Jacquizz Rodgers

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