Sam Ehlinger

Sam Ehlinger

College- Texas

Height- 6 feet 3 inches

Weight- 223 pounds

Position- Quarterback



  • Quick release
  • Diagnoses well
  • Accurate
  • Strong arm
  • Mobility
  • Stays balanced
  • Can throw on the run
  • Poised
  • Tough
  • Leader


sam e



  • Always in shotgun
  • Ball sails sometimes
  • Will take risk
  • Poor pocket awareness


Sam Ehlinger has nice mechanics and footwork. He seems to read the defense well and has a strong, accurate arm. He can run when pressured and throw on the run but does best when he stays in the pocket. Sam tends run if his first read is not there. Sometimes he does let the ball get away from him and sail one over a receiver.  He is currently being viewed as a 4th round pick.

NFL Comp– Tim Tebow



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