Shaquille Quarterman

Name – Shaquille Quarterman

College – Miami

Height – 6feet 1inch

Weight – 235lbs

Position – Linebacker


  • ability to read and react
  • pre snap play diagnosis
  • vision
  • ability to stack/shed
  • great tackler
  • fluid feet
  • stays in balance
  • able to drop in zone coverage
  • sideline range
  • violent hitter
  • leadership
  • times his blitz well


  • takes bad angles
  • hips are a little stiff


Shaq is kind of a throwback in the way he plays. With his football IQ and ability to read plays developing, he maximizes his athletic talents. He needs to improve on his angles but when he gets there he is bringing bad intentions. Currently viewed as a second round pick.

Comp – Navarro Bowman



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