Wide Receivers

Brandon Aiyuk

College - Arizona St. Height - 6feet 1inches Weight - 195lbs Position - Wide Receiver Pros explodes off linequick in/out of breaksgood handsrun after catchroute runningwilling blocker in run gametracks deep ball welllateral agilitypunt return abilitysmooth footworkbalancebody controlspeed Cons loses focustargets outside his frame Overall Aiyuk is a smooth receiver who is quick, possesses good… Continue reading Brandon Aiyuk


Jeffrey Okuda

College - Ohio St. Height - 6feet 1inches Weight - 200lbs Position - Cornerback Pros fluid hipsstays in hip pocketclick/closefootworkroute recognitionstays balanced in/out of breaksphysical in run supportlong armsclosing burstball skills Cons doesn't utilize jam (scheme?)questionable long speedgets grabby Overall Okuda is the next in a long line of excellent cornerbacks from Ohio St. He… Continue reading Jeffrey Okuda


Grant Delpit

College - LSU Height 6feet 3inches Weight - 203lbs Position - Safety Pros able to cover TE/RBread/reactplay diagnosis/recognitionfluid footworklong armsfluid hipssideline rangeball skills Cons needs to disengage bettertackling/ willingness Overall A safety with range, combining fluid movement ability and football IQ. Has the ability to cover and matchup with TE and RB. Needs to be… Continue reading Grant Delpit


Bryce Hall

College - Virginia Height - 6feet 1inch Weight - 200lbs Position - Cornerback Pros sizestays attached to wrtacklingintelligentfluid footworkfluid hipsclick/closeroute recognitiongets a good jam when in press man Cons top end speeddoesn't always locate ballwill bite on double moveshandsinjury (ankle surgery) Overall Hall is a gifted defensive back that combines size, movement skills and a… Continue reading Bryce Hall

Wide Receivers

Devin DuVernay

College - Texas Height - 5feet 11inches Weight - 210lbs Position - Wide Receiver Pros good handstracks deep ball wellwilling blockermakes contested catchesrun after catchshows toughnessspeed Cons might struggle to get separationlimited route treelacks suddenness in/out of breaksĀ  Overall Devin is an athlete who is getting better at receiver. Able to make catches in traffic… Continue reading Devin DuVernay

Wide Receivers

Kendrick Rogers

College - Texas A&M Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 204lbs Position - Wide Receiver Pros huge catch radiushigh points ball wellreally good handsgood body controltough to tacklehand/eye coordinationfocussizecompetitiveness Cons lacks quick twitchlacks explosion/suddennessinjury historynot a lot of run after the catch Overall Kendrick is a big wideout who is really good at making tough… Continue reading Kendrick Rogers