Tight End

Matt Bushman

Matt Bushman

College- BYU

Height- 6 feet 5 inches

Weight- 245 pounds

Position- Tight End



  • Willing blocker
  • Long strides
  • Can line up all over
  • Catches everything thrown his way
  • Strong hands
  • Runs a lot of different routes
  • High points the ball well
  • Decent after the catch



  • Slow
  • Not very agile
  • Effort
  • Can be overpowered when blocking
  • Struggles to separate from tight coverage



Bushman is a tight end who can line up all over the field. He has a developed route tree but can struggle to get consistent separation from coverage. He can find soft spots in zone coverage but struggles against tight man coverage. Matt has strong hands and can high point the ball well. His lateral mobility is definitely a weakness. He also doesn’t have the speed to out run many defenders. He is looking to be a 4th round pick.

NFL comparison– Jesse James

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