Bryce Hall

College – Virginia

Height – 6feet 1inch

Weight – 200lbs

Position – Cornerback


  • size
  • stays attached to wr
  • tackling
  • intelligent
  • fluid footwork
  • fluid hips
  • click/close
  • route recognition
  • gets a good jam when in press man


  • top end speed
  • doesn’t always locate ball
  • will bite on double moves
  • hands
  • injury (ankle surgery)


Hall is a gifted defensive back that combines size, movement skills and a high IQ. Often displays a nose for the ball and is a good tackler. Uses his ability to read routes to make up for his lack of speed. Although he has a knack for being around the ball and breaking up passes, he has few interceptions. He will miss the rest of the season following ankle surgery. Currently being viewed as a 2nd round pick.

Comp – Josh Norman

bryce hall.gif

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