Running Backs

Jonathan Taylor

College - Wisconsin Height - 5feet 11inches Weight - 220lbs Position - Running Back Pros good visionshows good balancepowerspeedpatientquick feetlateral agilityfinishes Cons pass blockingreceiving ability?heavy workload Overall A record setting back, Taylor combines vision, balance, speed and power. He has the ability to to excel at the next level but he must improve in the… Continue reading Jonathan Taylor

Wide Receivers

Tylan Wallace

College - Oklahoma St Height - 6feet 0inches Weight - 185lbs Position - Wide Receiver Pros good handshigh points the ball wellquick off the linequick in/out of breaksgood run after catchgreat hand/eye coordinationtracks ball wellspeedexcellent body control/balance Cons only lines up in one spotlimited route treestruggles getting off press/ jams Overall Tylan has a good… Continue reading Tylan Wallace

Running Backs

D’Andre Swift

College - Georgia Height - 5feet 9inches Weight - 215lbs Position - Running Back Pros good visiongood lateral agilitypatiencebalancedecent pass blockerutilizes a good stiff armability to stick and cut (change direction)fights for tough yards Cons inconsistent handslong speed Overall D'Andre is a workhorse back that combines good vision, balance and patience. Although he has quickness… Continue reading D’Andre Swift

Running Backs

Ke’Shawn Vaughn

College - Vanderbilt Height - 5feet 10inches Weight - 215lbs Position - Running Back Pros excellent visionquick feet in/out of cutsgood receiving abilitylateral agilityhas good balancespeedcan turn the corner Cons willing blocker/ needs technique worklacks power Overall Possesses the abilities that teams look for in "change of pace" backs. Able to provide miss matches in… Continue reading Ke’Shawn Vaughn