Isaiah Simmons

College - Clemson Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 230lbs Position - Linebacker Pros speedlateral mobilitylengthability to play coverageclick/closeposition flexexplosive bursttackling Cons thin framestill learning positionlacks power/strengthstruggles to disengage Overall A super athletic linebacker, Simmons is a converted safety still learning the nuances of the position. His ability to transition in and out of breaks… Continue reading Isaiah Simmons


Troy Dye

College - Oregon Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 224lbs Position - Linebacker Pros fluid lateral mobilitysmooth footworksideline rangeexplosive burstable to drop in coveragespeedread/react Cons takes bad anglestakes false stepsneeds to improve tackling Overall Troy Dye is the new breed of linebacker. An off the ball run/chase linebacker that has quick excelleration and impressive ability… Continue reading Troy Dye


CJ Henderson

College - Florida Height - 6feet 1inches Weight - 191lbs Position - Cornerback Pros fluid hipssmooth feetspeedcan mirror/ stays in phaseclick/close smooth transitionsball skillstimes his blitz well Cons tackling (willingness)thin framestrengthundisciplined Overall CJ is able to cover wide outs at a high level. His fluid movement ability and transitions in and out of breaks allow… Continue reading CJ Henderson


Brandon Jones

College - Texas Height - 6feet 0inches Weight - 210lbs Position - Safety Pros leadershipfluid movement abilitybig hittertacklingtakes good anglesclosing burstrangespeedability to return puntsnamed semi-finalist for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year award Cons late to reactdoesn't track the ball wellaggressiveness runs hot/cold Overall Brandon is a smooth moving safety that takes good… Continue reading Brandon Jones


Dylan Moses

College - Alabama Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 235lbs Position - Linebacker Pros play diagnosis/recognitionsmooth feetexplosive burstread/reactchange of direction/lateral mobilitytacklinghigh motorfluid hipsable to drop in coverage Cons needs to disengage betterACL teardoesn't take on blocks Overall Dylan is a typical Alabama linebacker. Combining a high IQ, instincts and great athletic ability. He can go… Continue reading Dylan Moses

Offensive tackle

Calvin Throckmorton

College - Oregon Height - 6feet 5inches Weight - 320lbs Position - Offensive Tackle Pros strong punchLateral mobilitygood footworkgood leg drivequick pass setsgood hand placement/techniquestrong base Cons over extends/loses balanceneeds to stay engaged longerlacks awareness on stunts/twistsdrops hands when not engaged Overall Throckmorton is a good athlete for a man his size. Combining strength, technique… Continue reading Calvin Throckmorton