Trevon Diggs

College – Alabama

Height – 6feet 2inches

Weight – 200lbs

Position – Cornerback


  • size
  • good footwork
  • ball awareness
  • stays attached to wr
  • good usage of hands
  • tracks ball well
  • able to flip hips
  • tackling
  • lateral mobility
  • click/close
  • return ability


  • will bite on double moves
  • needs to gather himself better
  • doesn’t always hustle to ball


A former wide receiver, Diggs has the movement skills to mirror opposing wideouts and he has the ball awareness and skills to make plays on the ball. His size and physical nature will match up well with some of the bigger receivers in the league. He will need to work on gathering himself coming out of breaks. Return ability is an added bonus. Currently being viewed as a 1st round pick.

Comp – DeAngelo Hall


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