Defensive end

Julian Okwara

College – Notre Dame

Height – 6feet 5inches

Weight – 240lbs

Position – Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker


  • ability to bend and turn corner
  • smooth footwork
  • converts speed to power
  • balance
  • hand usage
  • change of direction/ lateral movement
  • speed
  • ability to drop into coverage


  • doesn’t seem to have a plan
  • size
  • doesn’t utilize counter moves
  • lacks pass rush variety
  • will get overpowered


Julian is an edge player that has a good combination of speed, hand usage and good footwork. His ability to bend around the corner is at the top of the class. He also has shown the ability to drop into coverage. He has to work on adding to his pass rush moves and find counters but that should come in time. Currently being viewed as a 2nd round pick.

Comp – Randy Gregory


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