Kenneth Murray

Kenneth Murray

College- Oklahoma

Height-  6 feet 2 inches

Weight- 243 pounds

Position- Linebacker




  • Fast
  • Physical
  • Hard hitter
  • Great tackler
  • Blitz
  • Side line to sideline
  • Excels in zone coverage
  • Freak athlete



  • Sometimes relies on athleticism over instinct
  • Needs to work on stopping the run
  • Can over run plays
  • Mental mistakes



Kenneth Murray has potential to be a difference maker and 3 down linebacker in the NFL. He does great at blitzing and has sideline to sideline range. Murray is a hard hitter and a tackling machine. Very rarely will he miss a tackle. Sometimes he will rely on his athletic ability instead of trusting his instinct causing him to over run a play or make some mental mistakes. Murray is being looked at as a first-round pick.


NFL Comparison– Thomas Davis

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