Wide Receivers

Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson

College- LSU

Height- 6 feet 2 inches

Weight-185 pounds

Position- Wide Receiver



  • Great body control
  • Can win contested catches
  • Finds soft spots in zone coverage
  • Route running
  • Release
  • Tough
  • Effort
  • Gets separation in man coverage

justin jefferson.jpg


  • Long strides
  • Doesn’t have elite speed
  • Needs to work on his route tree
  • Strength
  • Struggles in press


Justin Jefferson is a great athlete that has potential to be a very good receiver. He does a lot well and needs to work on some of the smaller stuff. Justin seems to have an easy time finding soft spots in zone coverage but can struggle getting off his man in man coverage. His route running is good enough where do does create some separation in man coverage. He is always showing effort and hustle diving for any ball in his range or running with no fear in the middle of the field. Jefferson is looking like a 3rd round pick.

NFL Comparison– Tyler Lockett

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