Jeff Gladney

College – TCU

Height – 6feet 0inches

Weight – 183lbs

Position – Cornerback


  • smooth footwork
  • ability to flip hips
  • stays in pocket
  • click/close
  • read/react
  • play/route recognition
  • tackling
  • makes plays on ball
  • speed
  • lateral agility


  • wished he finished better (more INTs)
  • consistency with jams/re-routing
  • gets grabby


Jeff is a plus athlete who is able to stay in the pocket of his man. Combining smooth footwork and fluid hip transitions, he is often in position to make a play on the ball. Wish he would finish off the play more often with INTs and he needs to utilize the jam better, but he is a top level cover corner. Currently being viewed as a 1st round pick.

Comp – Darius Slay

d Slayer.gif

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