Offensive tackle

Andrew Thomas

College – Georgia

Height – 6feet 5inches

Weight – 320lbs

Position – Offensive Tackle


  • good initial pop
  • quick off snap
  • leg drive
  • smooth footwork
  • ability to mirror
  • good hand placement
  • ability to anchor and reset
  • ability to get to 2nd level
  • strong hands
  • length


  • gets overextended at times/ balance issues
  • sometimes late to react to stunts/twists


Andrew is a powerful lineman who creates space in the run game with a strong leg drive and good initial punch. He has the ability to slide and mirror pass rushers with his smooth footwork and good hand technique. He does get overextended and loses balance at times which he will have to clean up but he is a top prospect on the offensive line and being viewed as a high 1st round pick.

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