Defensive end

K'Lavon Chaisson

College - LSU Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 250lbs Position - Defensive End Pros explosive first stepability to bend/turn cornerability to drop in coveragegood hand techniquelateral mobilityrelentless motortacklingclosing burstFootball IQ Cons sizeneeds to improve counter movespass rush varietyproduction Overall K'Lavon comes speeding off the edge, utilizing an explosive first step, good hand technique and… Continue reading K'Lavon Chaisson


Patrick Queen

College - LSU Height - 6feet 1inches Weight - 227lbs Position - Linebacker Pros lateral mobility/agilityspeed/rangeeffective blitzerability to drop into coverageread/reactclick/closequick burstplay diagnosisplays his assignment Cons often takes a hop stepundersizedlate bloomer Overall Queen is the prototype linebacker for todays NFL game. He is a fluid mover who has the ability to drop into coverage,… Continue reading Patrick Queen

Defensive end · Linebacker

Zack Baun

College - Wisconsin Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 240lbs Position - Defensive End/Outside Linebacker Pros quick burstexplodes off the snaptacklinglateral mobilityread/reactability to bend/turn cornerutilizes hands wellrelentless motropass rush varietyfootball IQ Cons can he hold up as an everydown DE?length Overall Zack Baun is an athletic edge rusher who displays an explosive first step, good… Continue reading Zack Baun


Terrell Burgess

College - Utah Height - 5feet 11inches Weight - 192lbs Position - Safety Pros versatileunderstanding of zoneschange of directionfluid movementplays downhilldisciplined Cons undersizedcosistency tacklingtakes bad pursuit angles Overall A versatile player, having experience in the slot corner as well as in the deep middle. He has excellent footwork and change of direction. He does take… Continue reading Terrell Burgess

Defensive tackle

Ross Blacklock

College - TCU Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 305lbs Position - Defensive Tackle Pros strengthquicknessbusy handsability to anchorlateral movementunderstands/usage of leveragehigh effort/motor Cons needs to develop counter movesneeds to read/diagnose quicker Overall Ross uses a quick first step and his busy hands to create pressure. He has good footwork and balance to make plays… Continue reading Ross Blacklock


Jaylon Johnson

College - Utah Height - 6feet 0inches Weight - 190lbs Position - Cornerback Pros lengthrun supporttacklingexcels in press manstays connectedgood use of jamgood use of leverage/positioningmakes plays on ball Cons gets grabbysloppy footworkinconsistent techniquelacks top speed Overall Jaylon is a good sized defensive back that is excellent at the line, utilizing a good jam and… Continue reading Jaylon Johnson

Defensive tackle

Marlon Davidson

College - Auburn Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 297lbs Position - Defensive Tackle Pros quicknessability to bendpowerfootworkversatilityability to set edgegood hand technique Cons loses balanceneeds to diagnose betterneeds to disengage betterneeds to develop counter moves Overall Davidson is a interesting prospect in that he has a lot of traits that are highly coveted by… Continue reading Marlon Davidson

Defensive tackle

Justin Madubuike

College - Texas A&M Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 304lbs Position - Defensive Tackle Pros quick first steplateral agility/movementpowerful punchfootworkbalance Cons inconsistent hand placementcan get pushed backneeds to develop counter moves Overall Justin is a disruptive lineman who displays quickness and agility. Has the ability to create inside pressure using a quick first step… Continue reading Justin Madubuike

Defensive tackle

Neville Gallimore

College - Oklahoma Height - 6feet 2inches Weight - 330lbs Position - Defensive Tackle Pros lateral agility/movementquick off the snaphand technique/usagehigh motorgood footworkquick closing burstexplosive first steppass rush ability Cons late bloomercan get pushed backneeds to get off blocks betterbalance issues Overall Neville is a developing defensive lineman that utilizes good hand technique and a… Continue reading Neville Gallimore