Akeem Davis-Gaither

College - Appalachian St. Height - 6feet 2inches Weight - 220lbs Position - Linebacker Pros speedclosing burstread/reactpass coveragetacklinggood footworkrangerelentless motoreffective blitzer Cons sizetackling formcompetition levelability to disengage Overall Akeem is a versatile backer who creates havoc with his ability to read and react and his closing burst. Speed is the name of his game. He… Continue reading Akeem Davis-Gaither

Defensive end

Jabari Zuniga

College - Florida Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 253lbs Position - Defensive End Pros explosive off lineclosing burstlong armsphysical handsbalancestrong bull rush/powergood finisherability to anchorlateral mobility Cons awarenessmistimes snap countneeds to add to pass rush moves Overall Jabari is a well rounded edge player who combines a quick burst, power and lateral mobility to… Continue reading Jabari Zuniga


Dane Jackson

College - Pittsburgh Height - 6feet 0inches Weight - 190lbs Position - Cornerback Pros physicalclick/closetacklingsmooth footworktough at point of catchlengthstays in pocketcompetitive toughnessroute recognitioneffective blitzer Cons gets grabbylong speedball skills Overall An aggressive and physical corner, Jackson combines smooth footwork, good route recognition and quick reactions to be one of the underrated prospects in the… Continue reading Dane Jackson