Sam Howell

College- North Carolina

Height- 6 feet 1 inch

Weight- 225 pounds

Position- Quarterback


  • Strong arm
  • Accuracy
  • experience (started as a freshman)
  • Pocket awareness
  • Football IQ
  • Can read and dissect coverage
  • competitive/ tough
  • Throw on the run


  • Inconsistent
  • improve footwork/mechanics
  • Stares down receivers
  • Size


Sam Howell may not have the greatest size or speed but has the arm talent to be an NFL franchise quarterback. He is a smart and experienced college player. Howell does a great job reading defenses pre snap and gets the ball out quick post snap. He may not be very fast but has some great pocket awareness and doesn’t take to many sacks. Howell has the tools and talent and should be locked in to be an early first round pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

Games Watched:

  • Wake
  • ND
  • Miami
  • TA&M
  • WCU

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