Wide Receivers

Garret Wilson

College- Ohio State

Height- 6 feet

Weight- 188 pounds

Position- Wide Receiver


  • Release
  • Athletic/Explosive
  • Body Control
  • Speed
  • Hands
  • Quickness in and out of breaks
  • Elusive/Agile after the catch
  • Route Running


  • Focus/Drops
  • Blocking
  • Can round off routes


Wilson is one of the best receivers in the country at this moment. He has few areas to improve on and should make an immediate impact at the next level. Wilson is an athletic player with some explosive plays on tape. He has some quickness in and out of breaks and has no issues creating separation. Garret uses his hands well at the line of scrimmage to avoid being jammed. His willingness to block is there but could improve. Wilson will be a junior this year and if he enters the NFL draft for 2022 he should be looked at as a first round pick.

Games watched:

  • NEB
  • PSU
  • IU
  • CLEM
  • ALA

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