Akeem Davis-Gaither

College - Appalachian St. Height - 6feet 2inches Weight - 220lbs Position - Linebacker Pros speedclosing burstread/reactpass coveragetacklinggood footworkrangerelentless motoreffective blitzer Cons sizetackling formcompetition levelability to disengage Overall Akeem is a versatile backer who creates havoc with his ability to read and react and his closing burst. Speed is the name of his game. He… Continue reading Akeem Davis-Gaither


Patrick Queen

College - LSU Height - 6feet 1inches Weight - 227lbs Position - Linebacker Pros lateral mobility/agilityspeed/rangeeffective blitzerability to drop into coverageread/reactclick/closequick burstplay diagnosisplays his assignment Cons often takes a hop stepundersizedlate bloomer Overall Queen is the prototype linebacker for todays NFL game. He is a fluid mover who has the ability to drop into coverage,… Continue reading Patrick Queen

Defensive end · Linebacker

Zack Baun

College - Wisconsin Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 240lbs Position - Defensive End/Outside Linebacker Pros quick burstexplodes off the snaptacklinglateral mobilityread/reactability to bend/turn cornerutilizes hands wellrelentless motropass rush varietyfootball IQ Cons can he hold up as an everydown DE?length Overall Zack Baun is an athletic edge rusher who displays an explosive first step, good… Continue reading Zack Baun


Isaiah Simmons

College - Clemson Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 230lbs Position - Linebacker Pros speedlateral mobilitylengthability to play coverageclick/closeposition flexexplosive bursttackling Cons thin framestill learning positionlacks power/strengthstruggles to disengage Overall A super athletic linebacker, Simmons is a converted safety still learning the nuances of the position. His ability to transition in and out of breaks… Continue reading Isaiah Simmons


Troy Dye

College - Oregon Height - 6feet 4inches Weight - 224lbs Position - Linebacker Pros fluid lateral mobilitysmooth footworksideline rangeexplosive burstable to drop in coveragespeedread/react Cons takes bad anglestakes false stepsneeds to improve tackling Overall Troy Dye is the new breed of linebacker. An off the ball run/chase linebacker that has quick excelleration and impressive ability… Continue reading Troy Dye


Dylan Moses

College - Alabama Height - 6feet 3inches Weight - 235lbs Position - Linebacker Pros play diagnosis/recognitionsmooth feetexplosive burstread/reactchange of direction/lateral mobilitytacklinghigh motorfluid hipsable to drop in coverage Cons needs to disengage betterACL teardoesn't take on blocks Overall Dylan is a typical Alabama linebacker. Combining a high IQ, instincts and great athletic ability. He can go… Continue reading Dylan Moses


Shaquille Quarterman

Name - Shaquille Quarterman College - Miami Height - 6feet 1inch Weight - 235lbs Position - Linebacker Pros ability to read and reactpre snap play diagnosisvisionability to stack/shedgreat tacklerfluid feetstays in balanceable to drop in zone coveragesideline rangeviolent hitterleadershiptimes his blitz well Cons takes bad angleships are a little stiff Overall Shaq is kind of… Continue reading Shaquille Quarterman


Leighton Vander Esch – Boise State

Leighton Vander Esch College- Boise State Height- 6 feet 3 inches Weight- 240 pounds Position- Linebacker   Pros: Reads plays well Can slip blocks Good footwork Can drop into coverage Sideline to sideline Fluid hips Solid tackler Cons: Gets overpowered Average athleticism Bad blitzer Will overrun plays   Overall Leighton Vander Esch is a smart… Continue reading Leighton Vander Esch – Boise State


Shaquem Griffen – UCF

Shaquem Griffen College- UCF Height- 6 feet Weight- 222 pounds Position- Linebacker   Pros: Sideline to sideline speed Closing burst Change of direction Lateral mobility Relentless effort/motor High character Able to bend/capture the corner Great blitzer Explosive first step Film room junkie Can cover Read/react Cons: Getting off blocks Missing a hand Undersized   Overall… Continue reading Shaquem Griffen – UCF