Mike White – Western Kentucky

Mike White College- Western Kentucky Height- 6 feet 4 inches Weight- 221 pounds Position- Quarterback   Pros: Strong Arm Accurate Manipulates coverage Smart Poise Stays in balance Reads defenses Played in 3 different systems Can slide in the pocket Can throw from various platforms Can make tight window throws Cons: Balls get away from him… Continue reading Mike White – Western Kentucky

Running Backs

Darrell Williams – LSU

Darrell Williams College- LSU Height- 6 feet 1 inch Weight- 230 pounds Position- Running Back   Pros: Good power Patient Cut back ability Good vision Can catch Balance Decent blocker Cons: Lacks explosion and speed Isn’t great at anything Never carried the load before   Overall Despite being overshadowed at LSU, Darrell Williams made the… Continue reading Darrell Williams – LSU

Running Backs

Rashaad Penny – San Diego State

Rashaad Penny College- San Diego State Height- 5 feet 11 inches Weight- 220 pounds Position- Running Back   Pros: Good feet Vision Can catch Shifty Quick lateral movement Runs with power Always falls forward Athletic Great balance Can return kicks Cons: Liability at pass protection Can be overpowered   Overall Rashaad Penny is a very… Continue reading Rashaad Penny – San Diego State

Wide Receivers

Jaleel Scott – New Mexico State

Jaleel Scott College- New Mexico State Height- 6 feet 6 inches Weight- 215 pounds Position- Wide Receiver   Pros: Good route runner Big catch radius Finds soft spots in zone coverage Can high point the ball Tracks the ball well Huge frame Good body control Decent blocker Stays balanced out of breaks Cons: Long strides… Continue reading Jaleel Scott – New Mexico State

Wide Receivers

DaeSean Hamilton – Penn State

DaeSean Hamilton College- Penn State Height- 6 feet 1 inch Weight- 202 pounds Position- Wide Receiver   Pros: Great hands Has long speed Can high point the ball well Tracks the deep ball well Good route runner Experienced Football IQ/smart Quick feet Good blocker   Cons: Limited route tree Injury history Could improve his downfield… Continue reading DaeSean Hamilton – Penn State